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StreetLink is a platform that connects people rough sleeping in England and Wales to support provided by local authorities and charities. This includes anyone who is sleeping outside, preparing to bed down, or sleeping somewhere not designed for habitation, such as a car. To make these connections, the platform relies on alerts submitted by members of the public and people sleeping rough.

The street link App which is no longer available as of 29th September 2023 to report instances of rough sleeping. 

Please note that the StreetLink App will no longer be available however the website is still available, and they have launched a QR code that can be scanned for an alert to be made using a smart phone. 

What’s staying the same?

StreetLink is still a vital service in helping end rough sleeping and its purpose remains the same – to enable members of the public to connect people sleeping rough in England and Wales to local support that meets their needs.