We provide legal advice and representation on a range of housing matters, including: Possession claims and court proceedings; Evictions; Rent and Mortgage Arrears; Housing Benefit problems; Homelessness and Rehousing; Disrepair; Security of Tenure (succession, assignment, service charges etc).


Free housing advice is available via our Drop in, Email and Telephone advice services.


However, if your case requires legal representation, we will usually provide a free Legal Aid service funded by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).


To be eligible for Legal Aid, you will have to provide proof of income to show that your income and capital are within the limits set by the LAA.  To find out more and to check whether you may be eligible for Legal Aid, follow this link to the Gov.uk Legal Aid Eligibility Calculator.


Unfortunately, we may not be able to provide legal representation if you are not eligible for Legal Aid or cannot provide relevant proof of income.


Greenwich Migrant Hub


We work with a range of specialist and local advice agencies to provide FREE advice, information and practical, social and wellbeing support to marginalised and vulnerable migrants in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and neighbouring Boroughs. 


With our Partners, we provide a weekly drop-in where you can get:


  • Specialist legal advice in Immigration and Housing matters
  • Support to families facing destitution and victims of domestic violence
  • Practical information and advocacy to access local services
  • Lunch and help with food


Emergency Assistance and Representation


Greenwich Housing Rights is funded by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to provide free legal advice and representation at Bromley County Court, including Possession Hearings held at Woolwich Crown Court, through the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme (HPCDS).


HPCDS provides last-minute help to people facing eviction or repossession.  Specialist advisers attend the court on the days when repossession cases are being heard.  The service is available to all tenants or mortgage-holders facing eviction or repossession – regardless of income.  Advisers can provide: free legal advice; referral onwards for further advice; and representation at the hearing (if appropriate).


To find the HPCDS adviser at the court, ask for the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme.  The advisers may be very busy on the day, so it is best to arrive at court about an hour before your hearing is listed.


However, there is a limit to what can sometimes be achieved on the day, and it is advisable to always seek legal/money advice before your hearing and as soon as possible. This will give you more time to get your evidence together and a better chance of keeping your home.  Failure to seek legal advice well in advance could mean the difference between a favourable and unfavourable outcome at your hearing.


Second Tier Advice and Training


Greenwich is also funded by the Royal Borough of Greenwich to provide Housing Advice and Support to other organisations based in or working with Greenwich residents.;


Agencies may contact us for assistance with an ongoing case or to make a referral via our telephone and email advice services or via our admin phone line.


In addition, GHR advisers provide training on homelessness, security of tenure and other housing matters as part of the RBG Welfare Rights Unit annual training programme.


Agencies, using our services are encouraged to take up Membership of the organisation to increase their influence on the development of our services and to improve the support we can provide when making referrals or providing housing advice to their clients.